Monday, 4 June 2012

God Save the Queen

It was pretty quiet in the shop on Sunday. We were mostly watching the festivities online and celebrating in our own special way (flouncing around with a feather duster and reading the new Mollie Makes! Although, when I looked at their site it would appear that I got my copy of no. 15 before they did. How odd.) Although it was quiet, we had some great customers; of course, all of our customers are great, but we had a young lady who was eager to enter the world of Lomography, so we helped her on her way with a new Diana Mini. We also had a chap buying a birthday present. He settled on a mustard yellow Zatchel - lucky girl!

We had a tweet from a customer, showing us her fabulous camera card, made with our camera stamp!

I promised some pictures of the new vintage items we now have on display.

Chin chin.
More Tea Vicar?

G-plan dressing table in golden oak.

I love the dressing table passionately. I am really torn- if it sells, it means there is a market for mid-century furniture, so we can invest in some more and I can be surrounded by Ercol and Eames all day long... However, if it fails to sell, I can put it in my house and admire it every morning. Whilst admiring myself in it.

I hope you are enjoying the extra long bank holiday and are celebrating however you see fit!

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