Sunday, 2 November 2014

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Lovely new products continued to arrive this week - 2 new mug designs, some divine smelling soap, glass Christmas decorations & Tunnocks teaplates from Gillian Kyle.

Oh, and very exciting indeed, we are now a Cable & Cotton concession. What does that mean? Well, a stockist would have some sets of lights ready to go in gift boxes, with predetermined colours. At Berylune, however, as we're a concession, you get to pick the colours you want! Pick whether you would like 20, 35 or 50 lights, then add 20, 35 or 50 coloured cotton balls to a basket. If it's a gift, pick up a gift box. We'll give you a cable of lights when you come to the counter.

I love that if you get bored of your lights, or you redecorate, you can purchase a few replacement balls to refresh your set! Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
The Pint Sized Department Store

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